Original Wood Floor Restore

Finding a beautiful hidden treasure doesn’t mean that you won’t have a few drawbacks. On this flooring project, our team ran into a few areas that needed attention. By adding a new stair nose to the existing floor, the homeowner was able to save his floor.

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Stair Nose Wood Lacing


In this home, the carpet was removed to find a hidden treasure below. The detail is the last piece of flooring leading to the stair nose. The repair consisted of lacing in wood to match the existing floor and to add the top nosing for the stairs.

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Water Damage Repair


On this finished project, This home had a fridge leak that had cause for some areas to be replaced and laced into the existing floor. The flush mount vents were added to this project to give a nice clean appearance. A good repair can be completed to appear as if the leak never happened.

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Stair Lifting Repair

On this repair, as you can see the nose of the stairs have lifted up and the nail heads have been exposed. This was a minor repair that ended in a wonderful finished product.

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