Hardwood Floor Maintenance

Retain the value of your investment and keep your floors looking great.

Gold Standard Maintenance

Our Gold Standard Maintenance Progam will ensure your hardwood floor retains its value and stays looking great. Don't worry about deep cleaning, we'll do it for you.

Hardwood flooring is a beautiful investment that can be an asset to any home. Wood flooring has the potential to last a lifetime, but only if they are cared for and maintained properly.

Your hardwood floors should be deep-cleaned every 3 months if you want them to maintain their beauty and shine.

Having your wood floors properly and professionally cleaned is very important because using the wrong cleaning method can damage them and create long-term problems that will be costly.

The Beautiful Wood Floors team can ensure your investment is protected. Our Gold Standard Maintenance Program will enhance performance, prolong the lifetime of your floor, promote the long-term sustainability of raw materials, and most importantly, protect your hardwood flooring investment.


#1: Keeps floors healthy and beautiful longer

Professional wood floor cleaning greatly extends the overall life expectancy of your floors and also reduces the need for more expensive maintenance or repairs later on. Wood tends to dry out and become brittle over time. Professional deep cleaning and polishing helps to reduce the signs of wearing and age and ensures your hardwood floors look shiny and beautiful.


#2: Saves you money

Even though professional maintenance is an investment, it's much cheaper than repairing or replacing your wood flooring. Having your wood floor cleaned regularly is a necessary expense. Putting it off and allowing dust, dirt, and grime to accumulate will mean spending more money on repairs and replacement in the future.


#3: Provides wellness and comfort

Our professional maintenance will improve the overall look and feel of having clean floors. Hardwood floors that are dirty and scratched are uncomfortable to walk and play on, and are more likely to have a buildup of dirt, dust, and bacteria that could potentially make you or your loved ones sick. Having your hardwood floors cleaned regularly means that your home will look and feel more comfortable.


Much like carpet cleaning, our professional wood floor cleaning program is easy and convenient.  We can clean near 500 square feet of your flooring in about one hour AND there is no need to move your furniture. You don't even have to leave your home.

Our cleaning solution is safe for children and schools and, contains very low VOC (volatile organic compounds), so there won't be any harsh fumes in your home.  Our process is designed to deep-clean. your wood floors while enhancing your top coat, leaving them protected and in beautiful condition.


Inspection:  The first order of business at a Gold Standard appointment is to inspect your wood floors for any signs of wear or areas that need special attention.

Determine Needs:  After inspecting your wood floors, and talking with you about your lifestyle, we will recommend a maintenance schedule that matches your needs.

Initial Clean: Once a rotation schedule has been decided on, we will schedule your first appointment. We will be sure to treat your home and belongings with the utmost care. In most cases, we will clean around your furnishings.

What You Can Expect:  After a cleaning, you can expect your wood floors to be clean and free of contaminants. If needed, we can schedule you for our clean & coat service that will lay over any scratches to assist in keeping further damage at bay.

Future Appointments: Placing you on a customized rotation makes it easy to remember to have your wood floors seasonally cleaned and kept in tip-top shape. We will pre-schedule your next maintenance appointment and remind you when the time draws near.

The Gold Standard Difference

Pallmann Floor Deep Clean

This beautiful floor was treated to the Pallmann Turbo scrubber. The floor was first deep cleaned with a special cleaner to remove the contaminants on the floor. Then a Fresh coat of European Hardwax oil ( this was to apply to what finish was already on the floors.) was placed as the Top Coat to…

Teak Floor Maintenance

This project was a rental that was well used. The owner had our team come in and make the magic happen. This is an exotic Teak floor

Deep Clean & Finish

An after  picture of a floor that had been scratched by movers. The finish used for this coat was a Poloplaz polyurathane.  This process can sometimes camouflage the scratches as it puts a healthy top coat of finish.

Maintenance Saves Expense

Sometimes Maintenance can be just a small spot repair to remove a contaminate from the floor.  Allow us to maintenance your floor.

What You Can Expect

Adding, repairing, or upgrading your hardwood floors can be confusing. Our team can make the complex simple by providing you with a clear process, timely communication, and integrity from start to finish.


A team that listens to you and explains the process.


A skilled team that is passionate about the details and dedicated to quality.


Respect for your home and your time. We deliver what we promise.


An approach that promotes the sustainability of our lands and the Northwest way of life.

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