Giving Back

We are dedicated to our community and to our world.


At Beautiful Wood Floors, we believe in giving back; to our neighbors, to our communities, and to the world. 

We choose to support Let Them Live with some of the revenue that flows into Beautiful Wood Floors. When you trust our team to install, repair, refinish or maintain your hardwood floors, you are contributing to something bigger than just your home, family and life; you're saving lives, empowering women, and creating miracles.



73% of women have abortions due to financial burden. Let Them Live offers them financial support so that they can choose life instead.

Let Them Live is passionately committed to financially supporting abortion-minded women so that they choose life. All donations we receive are used to accomplish this mission.

Let Them Live’s programs are its top priority, and a majority of funds are directly applied to helping moms who need assistance now. A modest portion of funds are allocated to Let Them Live’s organizational costs so that lives may continue to be saved from abortion in the long term.
We envision a culture where women never feel like abortion is their only option simply because of their financial situation.

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