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Having your floors professionally deep cleaned, inspected and maintained not only keeps them looking beautiful, but protects your hardwood investment.

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When using Beautiful Wood Floors for your hardwood flooring installation, refinishing, repair or maintenance needs, you can be sure you will get a team that listens to your needs and provides you with a long-lasting and beautiful hardwood floor.

Hardwood Staircase Installation

Adding hardwood to your staircase will add a dramatic change to your home's appearance.  Hardwood stairs are not only beautiful, but they add class and elegance to your living space.

Most hardwood stairs are located in your home's entryway and they are the perfect opportunity to make a great first impression on your visitors.  Whether your staircase is located in your entryway or not, there are a variety of options you can choose from when it comes to adding hardwood to your staircase.

We can help you create a staircase that best fits your style. Whether you want the entire staircase to be all wood, or add wood treads with traditionally painted risers, or only wood edges with a runner through the middle, we can deliver.  Adding details like balusters, spindles or newel posts can add flair and an extra touch.  We are proud to offer wood stair installation in the Coeur d'Alene, Spokane, Liberty Lake, Sandpoint, Silver Valley and entire Inland Northwest area.

The Beautiful Wood Floors staircase experts will provide you with many options as well as help you choose the right fit for your home.


Staircases Require Precision

Building a hardwood staircase requires more precision than regular wood flooring.  In fact, some wood flooring companies will only install your wood floor and call in a specialist to add your staircase to the project.  

At Beautiful Wood Floors, we're experts at wood staircase installation.  We have over a decade of experience working in confined spaces, and can make the precision cuts with patience and skill.

Custom Wood Staircase Landings

The landing that is part of your staircase needs special attention.  Because each individual stair in the staircase is not large enough to display it's individual style, adding a custom pattern or mosaic to the landing can finish the completed style and add a dramatic look.

Angling the direction of the wood planks, can add a touch of elegance to an otherwise boring landing.  Borders and medallions add sophistication and class.

The best part is that landings are not large areas, because of this, they are easily customized without adding a lot of cost.

Latest Projects

Maintenance Saves Expense

By admin92197 | July 1, 2021

Sometimes Maintenance can be just a small spot repair to remove a contaminate from the floor.  Allow us to maintenance your floor.

Deep Clean & Finish

By admin92197 | July 1, 2021

An after  picture of a floor that had been scratched by movers. The finish used for this coat was a Poloplaz polyurathane.  This process can sometimes camouflage the scratches as it puts a healthy top coat of finish.

Teak Floor Maintenance

By admin92197 | July 1, 2021

This project was a rental that was well used. The owner had our team come in and make the magic happen. This is an exotic Teak floor

Pallmann Floor Deep Clean

By admin92197 | July 1, 2021

This beautiful floor was treated to the Pallmann Turbo scrubber. The floor was first deep cleaned with a special cleaner to remove the contaminants on the floor. Then a Fresh coat of European Hardwax oil ( this was to apply to what finish was already on the floors.) was placed as the Top Coat to…


Exotic Walnut Refinish

By admin92197 | July 1, 2021

A beautiful exotic walnut floor in need of some TLC. With three large dogs and throwing in some teenagers…this floor needed a re-sand. The finish was an oil based Polyurethane.

Zero VOC Oil Refinish

By admin92197 | July 1, 2021

Sand and refinish on an existing wood floor. The homeowner chose to go with a European hardwax oil that is both durable and long lasting. This is a zero VOC penetrating oil.


Resand & Custom Color Refinishing

By admin92197 | July 1, 2021

This home had a complete remodel….taking the old and outdated look to a fresh crisp appearance. The project was a complete resand and custom color. This was another great project that European Hardwax oil was used.


European Hardwax Refinish

By admin92197 | July 1, 2021

A beautiful refinish project in an office building. This project was a blast as the owner of this shop chose to do a darker European hardwax oil finish for his stairs and loft area.

Original Wood Floor Restore

By admin92197 | July 1, 2021

Finding a beautiful hidden treasure doesn’t mean that you won’t have a few drawbacks. On this flooring project, our team ran into a few areas that needed attention. By adding a new stair nose to the existing floor, the homeowner was able to save his floor.


Stair Nose Wood Lacing

By admin92197 | July 1, 2021

In this home, the carpet was removed to find a hidden treasure below. The detail is the last piece of flooring leading to the stair nose. The repair consisted of lacing in wood to match the existing floor and to add the top nosing for the stairs.

What You Can Expect

Adding, repairing, or upgrading your hardwood floors can be confusing. Our team can make the complex simple by providing you with a clear process, timely communication, and integrity from start to finish.


A team that listens to you and explains the process.


A skilled team that is passionate about the details and dedicated to quality.


Respect for your home and your time. We deliver what we promise.


An approach that promotes the sustainability of our lands and the Northwest way of life.

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